The skin becomes rough, itchy, and inflamed due to eczema. In some cases, blisters may appear.


Despite the lack of a definitive cause for eczema, many health professionals believe it is caused by a combination of genetics and environment. Having a parent with eczema or another atopic condition increases the chances of a child developing the disease. Atopic conditions are even more likely to affect a child if both parents have them.

Diagnosis and Treatment


Eczema does not currently have a cure. Symptoms of the disease are treated by healing the affected skin and preventing flare-ups. Individuals’ age, symptoms, and state of health will determine a treatment plan. Eczema may go away with time for some people. Unfortunately, it is a chronic condition for others.

Home remedies :

  • Bathing in lukewarm water.
  • To lock in moisture, apply moisturizer within three minutes of bathing.
  • Everyday moisturizing
  • Wearing soft cotton and fabrics
  • Wearing loose-fitting clothing and avoiding rough, scratchy fibers.
  • When the weather is dry or cold, use a humidifier.
  • Washing with mild soap or a non-soap cleanser.
  • Preventing eczema flares in winter by taking extra precautions.
  • Rather than rubbing the skin dry after bathing or taking a shower, air dry the skin or pat it dry with a towel.
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