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  • No Side Effect – 100% Certified
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  • Cures C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 Problems
  • Reduce the pain and inflammation
  • Strengthen and recover bone integrity
  • Recover the natural tensile strength of the bones
  • Maintain the strength and integrity of the joints and assist in recovering from damages caused due to age, arthritis, etc.
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The SIFA ORTHO CERVICAL CARE helps in reducing cholesterol levels like in cases of hyperlipidemia. Eating saturated fat, found in animal products and trans fats, found in some commercially baked cookies and microwave popcorn, can raise your cholesterol levels. The SIFA ORTHO CERVICAL CARE  help greatly in lowering the triglyceride levels, total cholesterol levels and free fatty acid levels through the breakdown of lipids in the liver.



  • The SIFA ORTHO CERVICAL CARE help greatly in reducing lipid concentration, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.
  • The Abana Tablets are also extremely helpful in the management of atherosclerosis.
  • The SIFA ORTHO CERVICAL CARE also prevent oxidative damage to the heart and also stabilize blood pressure.
  • This product increases faecal bile acid excretion.
  • These SIFA ORTHO CERVICAL CARE inhibit the biosynthesis of hepatic cholesterol and the oxidation of LDL.


  • Arjuna – Arjuna contains cardioprotective properties and strengthens the muscles of the heart and improves functioning.
  • Guggul – Guggul contains antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents oxidative stress on the heart and also prevents the blockage of arteries.


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  1. ravi

    Hello mera name ravi ha mujhe 1 year se cervcial ki problem the but mujhe koi relief nhi mila m ne ayurvedic m therapy v karwa liya m ne aak din facebook par ads dakha cervical ki problem ka liya fir m ne call kar diya sifa ayurveda ka doctore se bt hui fir aak medicine order kiya m ne 10 din m mujhe bhut acha fark dikh or diet chart or exercise follow kiya .mujhe itna aaram mila ki m sara kaam kar leta hu …aaj mujhe koi problem nhi ha sukariya sifa ayurveda

  2. Megha

    My name is megha. i am form Kerala. I am Suffering cervical problem late 2year.Homepathay medicine use 1years no relief problem. one day check form social media Ads Sifa AYURVEDA. Contact sifa Ayurveda doctor guide medicine follow all suggest. Thanks your God. Thnks you sifa ayurveda doctor.

  3. sonali

    सर जी नमस्ते। हमर नाम सोनाली बा..सर जी तहर दवा से बहूत फैदा बा ना तो हमार पति रोज बोले रहे की कुछ काम कर पति नहीं हा कितना पैसा लगा दिया गरदन में कोई आराम ना बा। एक दिन हमार भाई दवा ऑनलाइन ऑर्डर कर के दयाले बा 7 दिनों में दर्द में आराम हो गया 3 महीने की दवा खाने के बाद आज हम ठीक हु ..भगवान आप सब डॉक्टरे को खुश रखे

  4. faizan

    Best treatment for cervical problem. Unani Herbals medicine.

  5. sonu

    Meri mom ko late 7years se cervical ki problam order karke sifa ortho cervical care se bhut acha relief ha aaj ..thnks all doctor team

  6. ankur soni

    my father cervical problem. C1, C2, nerves pain all doctor treatment no relief aaj my father feet to fine sukariya sifa ayurveda team.

  7. sumit bundela

    no side effects Natural herbals medicine

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