Any disorder that affects the joints and is accompanied by inflammation and joint pain is called arthritis. Arthritis comes in more than 100 varieties, and the number is growing.


Arthritis has different causes depending on its form. Injuries, abnormal metabolism, inheritance, infections, and an overactive immune system are just a few of them.

Diagnosis and Treatment


Clinical examinations and other tests such as x-rays and blood tests may support a diagnosis. whereas X-rays and blood tests can indicate systemic illnesses.  and a radiograph can track a patient’s progress or determine the severity of a condition.

X-rays of the affected joints and blood tests are often required to make the diagnosis.

With minimal or no symptoms, treatment may not be necessary. Medications for pain and anti-inflammatory symptoms may be prescribed when symptoms are troubling and persist. Additionally, heat/cold applications and topical pain creams can help.

Patients who are overweight are advised to lose weight. Mild pain relievers may suffice for many patients with arthritis. Minor arthritis pain can be relieved with pain-relieving creams applied to the skin over the joints. Medication can also reduce joint inflammation and decrease pain. Decreased inflammation may also slow joint damage.

Home Remedies:


It depends upon person to person as it differs with every person’s condition. Also, it is advised that patients with arthritis should definitely try aquatic exercises as the water provides body support which relieves joint pain. They can also try Yoga, Hot and cold therapy and meditation.

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